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Workplace ladies makeup etiquette

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Workplace ladies makeup etiquette

   1. Don't make heavy makeup, don't make heavy makeup, don't make heavy makeup!

   You know, we go to work instead of performing, but in the workplace, light makeup should be the mainstay. Heavy makeup is not suitable. A well-known domestic recruitment website surveyed more than 10,000 working men from all walks of life. The results showed that 90% of men do not like women with heavy makeup, and 65% of men will be disgusted with women with heavy makeup. ! So girls know how to do it! Use the following picture with caution!

  2, makeup should distinguish occasions

  Different makeup looks correspond to different occasions-Mian Ba Jun said. Office makeup—should show the characteristics of simplicity, beauty, and elegance. Give people a sense of professionalism and at the same time not be overpowering. The choice of supplies should be small and precise; the color choice should be less, light, and natural; the painting method should be simple and avoid exaggerated modification! Tea party makeup-sometimes it is inevitable to meet customers or invite partners .

   In this case, Mian Bajun recommends that students can add more tender colors to their makeup. (What kind of tenderness are you talking about! Face Bajun: This...) The use of blush and lipstick colors can be more lively and gorgeous~ Dinner makeup-When attending a dinner, you must first according to the content of the dinner and According to the requirements of the dress code, set the costumes, and then consider the makeup according to the feeling the students want to create. But Mian Bajun reminds the girls who are ready to throw off their arms when they hear this! If it is a more formal dinner occasion, the makeup still cannot be exaggerated! "less is more" is the unchanging truth.

   3. Avoid frequent changes in makeup

   If you work in a fixed office every day, and you have contact with regular bosses and colleagues, the makeup can be kept constant throughout the season. Why is this? ——Mian Bajun heard the girls' dissatisfaction questions, so he came to answer. Frequent changes in makeup will give people the impression of change, instability, and uneasiness. In the workplace, it is necessary to give people a sense of stability and reliability. Then, all kinds of makeup will be played slowly during the holidays!

  4, touch up makeup away from the office

   Students should remember not to put cosmetics on the desk, and try not to make up their faces in public. Some women in the workplace put cosmetics on the table for the convenience of grooming. Even if they are not used, they may feel uneasy at work.

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