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How to choose the bracelet that suits you best

Date:2021-10-23 View:18

The wrist is a more delicate part of the body shape. It will follow the movements of the hand to easily guide the sight of others, attract attention, and affect others' impression of you. Therefore, the style of the bracelet should match the thickness of the wrist and the obvious bones. Degree, and express his unique style at the right time.

1. Match the bracelet according to the thickness of the wrist

1. Slender wrists and unobvious bones

The perfect wrist is suitable for wearing any basic chain, modeling chain or theme chain.

2. Slender wrists and obvious bones

It is suitable for wearing two basic chains to make the wrist more feminine.

3. The wrists are plump and the bones are not obvious

The modelling chain or theme chain with a slightly wider style is bright and generous.

4. The wrists are plump and the bones are obvious

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